Agile – Test Driven Development (TDD)

Agile – Test Driven Development ( TDD ) Training Program


  1. A Review of Object Oriented Principles
  1. Introduction to Unit test, unit test characteristics
  1. Unit Testing and the TDD Micro-Cycle
  2. The TDD Micro-Cycle
    1. The Test and the Test List
    2. Test Framework Basics
    3. Implementing a Feature
    4. Refactoring
  1. XTest Frameworks
    1. The XTest Standard
    2. Mechanical Structure of Test Code
    3. Assertions
  1. Making a Good Test
    1. The 4 Key Structural Elements
    2. Effective Test Construction
    3. Things Not to test
  1. Test Driven Development – why, what and how
  2. TDD Cycle – Red, Green and Refactor
  3. The Essential Tools
  4. How is TDD about Analysis and what does “GIVEN-WHEN-THEN” means?
  5. Scope of a Unit level Statement in TDD
  6. Drive the development (design and implementation) of a User Story
  7. Learn concept of Emergent Design and why emergent design
  8. How TDD helps you design software
  9. Why testing first is better than testing after
  10. Overview of Refactoring, Clean Code principle and Refactoring to Patterns
  11. Software design – going deeper in SOLID design Principles
  12. How to use mocking frameworks.
  13. TDD for Complex Systems
    1. Modular, Testable Architecture
    2. Common Architectural Patterns
    3. Specifying Behavioral Strategy
  1. Propagating TDD Success
    1. Cultural Adaptation
    1. Key Disciplines
    2. Incremental Adoption

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