Digital Marketing Courses

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

    1. What is digital marketing?
    2. How is it different from traditional marketing?
    3. Comparison study of Digital and Traditional marketing?
    4. Why should you learn Digital Marketing?
    5. Who all should learn and excel in Digital Marketing?
    6. Current Industry trends and updates?
    7. Is Digital Marketing replacing Traditional Marketing?
    8. How can digital marketing be a tool of success for companies?
    9. Key advantages of adopting digital marketing by small scale companies
    10. Key advantages of adopting digital marketing by Mid-Cap companies
    11. Key advantages of adopting digital marketing by Large scale companies
    12. Categorization of digital marketing for the business
    13. Diagnosis of the present website and business.
    14. Digital Marketing Strategy & Goal Setting
  2. Introduction to Websites

    1. What is a website
    2. Types of websites?
    3. Layout of websites
    4. Purchasing a website domain name
    5. Hosting a website
    6. Integrating the website either static or dynamic
  3. Introduction to Blogging

    1. What is Blogging?
    2. What are the platforms available for bloggers?
    3. Why is blogging so popular?
    4. How to become a professional blogger?
  4. Introduction to WordPress

    1. What is WordPress
    2. Benefits and Advantages of WordPress
    3. How to setup a website using WordPress
    4. How to setup a blog using WordPress
    5. How to setup an E-commerce Website using WordPress
    6. What are Themes, Plugins, Widgets
  5. Introduction to Content Writing

    1. What is content writing?
    2. Why content writing is important?
    3. How to build effective content blog?
    4. Best practices for effective content writing.
    5. How to make money by your content writing skills?
  6. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

    1. Search Engines – An Introduction
    2. How search engines works?
    3. Google Web Master Tool (Search Console)
    4. Insights about Google Algorithms and Updates (penalties)
    5. Client Business Analysis
    6. Keyword analysis
    7. Web position Analysis
    8. Competition Analysis
    9. On page optimization techniques
    10. Off page Optimization techniques
    11. Insights into Black Hat SEO Techniques
    12. Report Generation
    13. SEO Tools
  7. Search Engine Marketing

    1. Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
    2. Tools used for Search engine Marketing
    3. PPC /Google AdWords Tool
    4. Display advertising techniques
    5. Report generation
  8. Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization

    1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    2. Advanced Facebook Marketing
    3. Twitter marketing
    4. LinkedIn Marketing
    5. Google plus marketing
    6. Pin Interest
  9. Affiliate Marketing

    1. What is Affiliate marketing?
    2. Components of Affiliate Marketing
    3. How Affiliate Marketing Works
    4. Who is a Merchant
    5. How to become a Publisher
    6. Costing techniques
    7. Product Selection
    8. Affiliate marketing tools
  10. Make Money Online

    1. How to make money online?
    2. Tools for making money online
    3. What is Google AdSense?
    4. How to setup Google AdSense
  11. Web Analytics using Google Analytics

    1. Introduction to Google Analytics
    2. Different types of analytical Tools
    3. Report generation
    4. Interpreting Google Analytics Reports
  12. Google Webmaster Tool ( Search Console )

    1. Adding a Site and Verification Process
    2. Configuration
    3. Settings
    4. Geographic Settings
    5. Site Links
    6. Crawl Errors / Stats
    7. Google Fetch
    8. Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
    9. Analyzing Search Traffic
    10. Search Analytics
    11. Links to Site / Internal Links
    12. Optimization
    13. Sitemaps
    14. Content Keywords


  1. Keyword Research And Analysis

    1. Importance of keywords in SEO
    2. Analysis of keywords for a particular client
    3. Research on keywords
    4. Different types of keywords
    5. Analysis of keywords using google AdWords
    6. Competitor Analysis


  1. Automation Tools in Digital Marketing

    1. Digital Marketing Automation Tools
    2. Importance of automation tools
    3. Recommended Automation tools


  1. Analyzing your Client Business

    1. Define a problem statement or Goal
    2. Analyze the current AS-IS status of the client
    3. Apply Six-Sigma concepts
      1. Define the goal
      2. Measure the current progress
    4. Analyze what is needed to meet the client goal
    5. Implement the Digital Marketing Best Concepts
    6. Monitor the progress


  1. Live Project Implementation using one of the following

    1. SMM – Social Media Marketing
    2. Key Word Research & Analysis
    3. Setting up a professional Blog using WordPress
    4. Implementation of SEO
    5. SEO enabled Content Writing



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